Saturday, May 18, 2013

8 Random Poisons and Effects

One of the things that I like most about the game is the ability to delve into particular niches of the game, creating tables and rules, etc. to specifically populate that niche. This is a quick table that I prepared that outlines some fairly commonly poisonous agents that are regularly found in nature (if not always easily).

Roll 1d8 to select a pair of entries (e.g. ingesting Roasted Onion Seeds will cause nausea, dizziness, and immobility). If you are looking for a bit more variety, roll 1d8 twice - once to generate a name of the poison, and a second time to attach an effect to that poison (e.g. a roll of 6 and 2 means that Sugargrass Root may be used as a poison that causes a -2 to be applied to all saving throws made by the victim for 1d8 days).

1d8 Name of Poison Effect
1 Tears of Anasthia Loss of 50% of STR for 1d6 days
2 Shadowbane Petals -2 to all saving throws for 1d8 days
3 Wrackjaw Pollen Blindness for 2d10 hours
4 Shimmerweed Stalks Loss of 1d6 of DEX for 1d4 days
5 Roasted Onion Seeds Nausea, dizziness, immobility
6 Sugargrass Root Memory loss of preceding 2d12 days
7 Leaves of El’Nurieth Instant aging of 1d20 years
8 Seeds of Banesgrowth Save vs. immediate death

Let me know if you have any corrections or suggestions for improvement.  Better still, please add your own in the comments so that we can grow the list! Only need 2 for a 1d10 and 4 for a 1d12! If the community can help me get something together nice and polished, I'd be more than happy to submit it (on behalf of the community) to the various zines and journals floating around so that others can see it as well.

Game on.